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Ventura Tuberculosis Directly Observed Therapy Project

Date of latest update

September 2014


Ventura County, Calif.

For More Information Contact

Mike Taigman, general manager, AMR Ventura/Gold Coast Paramedics (

Population Served

Patients requiring daily medication for active TB

The Need

Successful treatment of TB requires strict adherence to a daily medication regimen. Many of these medications have significant side effects. Directly observed therapy (DOT) is the most effective process for supporting adherence and for providing a supportive relationship with these patients. This patient population has a high percentage of people who are marginally housed or economically disadvantaged, or who lack citizenship documentation. All patients in the project are seen daily in the community by consistently assigned AMR and Gold Coast paramedic supervisors, provided with their medications and assessed for signs of malabsorption or side effects.

The Goal

Improve adherence to daily medication regimen for patients with TB in Ventura County and to manage side effects/complications quickly and effectively.

Medical Oversight

County health agency and AMR local medical director

Key Partners

AMR Ventura, Gold Coast Paramedics and Ventura County Health Agency


AMR paramedic supervisors


Not disclosed

Plans for Sustainability

Program currently meets the needs of all identified patients.

Technology Used


Program Results

The AMR MIH staff consistently DOT more than 90 percent of patients in daily census.

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